Hi, I'm Jamie :) I am born and raised in New Orleans, LA. I am passionate about connecting people, helping people meet their best potential and being a creative strategist. If there's one thing I know... its Marketing (ok two things: Marketing AND Sales). I utilize psychology to support my sales practices, and sales to support my marketing strategies. I am a holistic marketer, which means my talents are well-rounded. I am a coder, a web designer, a brand creator, a social media marketer, a SEO optimistist, an event planner, and a sales guru. This helps me in my role for you, which is to be your Marketing Quarterback.

From humble beginnings, I began my career as a receptionist in the legal field. I have always relied on my diligent work ethic and traditional marketing background (grassroots + seminars all day every day!) to connect people to people... and companies.

Throughout my position at a local transactional firm, I learned how to build a message and strategically deliver it to a targeted audience. I extended that concept to other industries, and continued to replicate a model of "concept-message-market-conversion."

With determination, I founded Outsource Marketing in 2015. Outsource was built on the belief that all components of marketing are connected, and there should be a "one-stop shop" to provide the multiple different facets of marketing. Then in 2019 I realized my true calling. It wasn't being able to Outsource what was given to me. It's about being hyper-focused in my craft and the balance between digital and grassroots marketing. I also realized that I wanted to focus on two industries: legal and wellness (cosmetics, fitness, wellness and aesthetics). Outsource is now the best its ever been with the most clear vision. I relish in the belief that, with my talents, I can make one unknown person's dream a tangible reality. This gift should be shared with the World again and again, which is exactly what I plan on doing.


Jamie L Gonzales